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SecurityStudio is way more than just a cybersecurity tool—  it’s a holistic risk management platform that speaks the language of business.

We believe:

Complexity is the enemy of information security.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.


Since its establishment in 2018, SecurityStudio has empowered a diverse range of entities, including information security professionals, MSPs, enterprises, and governmental bodies, to maintain an up-to-date understanding of their information security status. Not merely a tool, SecurityStudio offers a holistic approach, aiming to ensure comprehensive information security rather than merely checking compliance boxes.

Industries we serve

Our CvCISO Academy training program underscores our mission beyond the cyber assessment tool; it’s about fostering a culture of doing information security the right way and working toward fixing the broken information security industry.


How we started


FRSecure is founded

FRSecure is established as an information security consulting company that applies industry standards, regulations and best practices to ensure effective information security management and consulting for all its clients.


SecurityStudio is founded

FRSecure developed a sophisticated assessment tool within their consulting practice, and SecurityStudio now offers this tool to the broader market, enabling organizations to leverage their expertise in risk management for their own security strategies. SecurityStudio was established to standardize the measurement of risk across the industry, making expert information security management knowledge accessible to everyone. This initiative aimed to elevate the industry’s understanding and handling of information security.


SecurityStudio becomes a platform

SecurityStudio's medium assessment and Vendefense (today's S2Vendor) expand into a comprehensive platform with the release of S2Org, S2Team, and S2Partner.


"Unsecurity" is published

Evan Francen publishes his book that takes a revealing look into what's wrong with the Information Security profession and how to right the ship.


First CvCISO Academy cohort

Evan Francen designed and taught the first ever CvCISO training cohort as a way to teach good risk management and vCISO consulting practices to help fix the broken information security industry.


S2PCI Launches

S2PCI helps businesses through the arduous PCI compliance process from setup to remediation.

Our values

We tell the truth—always.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our company ethos. We pledge to maintain transparency in all our interactions and communications. Our job is to authentically serve you, even if there is nothing in it for us.

We’re objective.

Simplicity is key to effective decision-making. Our approach involves distilling complex concepts and data into clear, understandable insights. We aim to keep things simple and scientific, ensuring that all our recommendations are actionable & defensible.

We speak human.

The SecurityStudio platform empowers users to effectively convey complex security insights, enabling the transferability of crucial information across teams and stakeholders. SecurityStudio's emphasis on clarity and accessibility ensures that essential security data can be understood and shared, promoting informed risk decisions and collaboration within organizations.

We genuinely give a damn.

Our mission—“to fix the broken cybersecurity industry”—requires us to conduct ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards. By upholding these standards, we not only fulfill our responsibility to our clients and stakeholders but also contribute to building a safer, more trustworthy digital world for all.

We have perspective.

We recognize the importance of aligning information security goals with broader business objectives. We bring a balanced perspective that considers technical imperatives and strategic business outcomes, allowing decision-makers to make informed infosec risk decisions.

Community Engagement.

Beyond our direct interactions with customers, we are committed to serving the broader cybersecurity community. Whether through knowledge-sharing initiatives, industry events, or support for cybersecurity education and advocacy, we aim to make a positive impact that extends beyond our customer base.


Meet our team of change makers

Brian Freistat
Senior Account Manager
Jared Kurtz
Account Executive
Caitlin Fox-Carter
Product Manager
Kevin Orth
Chief Financial Officer
Troy Cherry
Customer Success and Implementation Manager
Evan Francen
Founder & CEO
Meg Perron
Academy and Education Director
Frank Gurnee
Channel Director
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