Revolutionizing Cyber Risk Management in Higher Education

With the myriad of challenges universities and colleges face today, from safety concerns to regulatory compliance, having a robust risk management program is paramount. That's where we come in.

Cyber risk management platform dashboard for higher education

Built for campuses big and small

For any sized higher education institution, SecurityStudio helps make your campuses cybersecurity simple and easy to to understand.

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Manage risk & ensure continuous operations
Receive a command understanding of your risk landscape so you can take the appropriate steps to manage risk and ensure continuous operations in the midst of a cyber threat or attack.
Track your compliance progress
The SecurityStudio dashboard creates a track record of your S2Score for a backable audit trail to prove that continuous risk management is just part of how you run campus operations.
Make the most of your time and security dollars
From our data-driven assessment to self-publishing reports, get trackable and manageable next-steps to mitigate risk and create an insurable, defensible security plan—without any additional effort.
A platform that gets you
SecurityStudio’s simple interface design—that doesn’t compromise on technical depth—makes it simple to see where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there on your cybersecurity journey.

One platform to measure it all

SecurityStudio solutions are designed to help higher education organizations implement their risk management practices. We measure it all, not just the technical controls.

S2Org, assess your organization


The organizational information security risk assessment tool used by thousands of organizations, both public and private.

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S2Vendor, assess your vendors


The information security risk management tool developed to simplify, automate, and standardize third-party vendor risk management processes.

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S2Team, assess your team


The organizational aggregate of your employees' information security knowledge gaps that helps inform employee training going forward.

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Launch your cybersecurity operation today

Maximize every minute and dollar of your security budget by identifying & addressing cybersecurity issues head-on.

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launch your cybersecurity operation, rocket launching

Know what to do next

See how SecurityStudio’s software can help you build a resilient information security program.

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