Simple risk management for State & Local governments

The most effective SaaS platform designed by CISOs for CISOs, to build a simple, measurable, and actionable information security risk management program for complex state environments.

Risk assessment reports for state and local governments

Our mission is to enable and support your chief security officer.

Simplify risk management with one platform.

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Consulting, guidance and advice
Consult state leaders to make good information security risk decisions. Implement the risk decisions to the best of their ability.
Fostering collaboration
By empowering various agency, board, commission, etc. leaders to participate.
Simplifying the complex
Easily understood, affordable, programmatic, credible, defensible, objective, and doable risk management.
Ensuring accountability
For risk decisions, budget allocation, and overall performance.

Make implementation easy

​​Implement continuous information security risk management with ease

Simplify your process

Simplify the assessment, reporting, and on-going remediation process

Demystify your risk management

Quantify and provide transparency of the entire risk management function

Centralize your collaboration

Drive “Whole-of-State Information Security Enablement” approach to risk management

Accelerate Whole of State (WoS) information security enablement

State government is complex, and complexity undermines information security. To counter this, we created the Whole of State Information Security Enablement methodology and a continuous risk management platform to simplify security management in complex state environments.

Gain visibility into previously unknown risks
Increase accountability for risk decision making
Get more predictability for the future state of information security
Increase collaboration between state entities
Increase efficiency focusing on what actually works
Secure justifiable and measurable information security budgets
Foster mutual understanding between CISOs and everyone else, including policymakers
Get objectivity that ensures long term success
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wHOLE oF State Information Security ENABLEMENT

How does it work?



Complexity is the worst enemy of security, but a complex environment (like a state) is a sum of its simpler components (agencies, counties, etc.).



Information security is risk management, and risk cannot be managed without understanding and quantification (measurement).

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Risk decisions are made by “them”, not “us”. We help them make good risk decisions and implement their risk decisions.


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More product features:

Automation, transparency, and consistency to the risk management process.
All agencies under a “single pane of glass”
Visibility into agency risk management activities as well as the entire third-party vendor risk picture
All agencies under a standard reporting framework
Data for informed co-op/multi-agency purchasing decisions.
Reporting to elevate CISO and CIO when communicating with key constituents all the way up to legislature.

Supercharge your government operations with our holistic risk management platform.

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