Assess employee cybersecurity awareness

People pose the greatest risk to information security success. The challenge is not only teaching people how to be good stewards of their digital assets but also helping them to apply what they’ve been taught. S2Team enables businesses to understand the gaps in their employees’ cybersecurity awareness to inform future cybersecurity training topics.

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Employees’ technology habits translate to the workplace

Without proper education, people form bad personal security habits that can compromise your organization’s information security.

Understand your employees’ vulnerabilities

Our personal cybersecurity awareness test allows you to understand the gaps in your teams’ behaviors.

Identify the most impactful cybersecurity training topics for your team

Aggregate anonymous data on where your employees pose risk with their security practices to guide education and training.

Track the improvement of employee cyber awareness over time

Track organizational-wide improvement on security best practices over time.


S2Team collects anonymous employee assessment data and presents employee knowledge gaps to the organization in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

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S2Me is a personal information security risk assessment and management tool used by thousands of people around the world. S2Me is personal, meaning nobody else sees results but the person using the tool. People are far more likely to provide truthful information when assessing their own personal and familial information security posture.

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S2Team aggregates the S2Me assessment results and analyzes the scores of the team into ten topics, allowing organizations to pinpoint what cybersecurity training topics to focus on for future team training.

Household desktop and laptop use
Safe practices for internet usage
Choosing and protecting authentication
Securing mobile devices
Securing WiFi
Secure gateway
Backing up data
Internet-of-things (IoT) and other devices
Physical security
Breach and incident response

The S2Me Advantage

S2Me provides numerous benefits compared to traditional methods and assessments, such as:

Exceptional insight
S2Me enables organizations to gain deep insights into employee information security behaviors at home while maintaining their privacy, a task that is often difficult to achieve for an organization.
Increased Motivation
Employees feel more engaged and motivated as they focus on protecting themselves rather than just their organization.
Honest Feedback
With S2Me, employees are more likely to tell the truth instead of saying what they think the organization wants to hear.
Improved habits
Recognizing that humans are creatures of habit, S2Me concentrates on building better security habits.

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