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Benefits of partnership

Safeguarding the security of educational institutions is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. Area Education Agencies (AEA) play a crucial role in supporting school districts with specialized services that might be beyond their internal capacities, including risk management solutions. AEAs partner with SecurityStudio to provide their clients with comprehensive and holistic information security risk management.

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Risk Assessments
Conduct comprehensive information security assessments designed for K12 Schools in our S2Org assessment platform.
Training and Education
SecurityStudio partners are trained and certified as vCISO’s in the CvCISO Academy Program, an intensive 60-hour training program that sets the standard for vCISO excellence.
Continuous Risk Management
With SecurityStudio, AEAs can implement continuous risk management programs in the districts they support, and track improvements to their security postures over time.
Resource Allocation
The platform helps AEAs allocate resources efficiently by prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives that would make the most impact; allowing districts to make informed risk decisions and spend their information security dollars wisely.

SecurityStudio serves as a trusted ally for AEAs to assess, roadmap, and remediate information security risks to school districts.



When you don’t ask the right questions you don’t get the right answers. We give you a common sense, comprehensive assessment to easily diagnose all phases of your and your clients’ cybersecurity performance to measure your cybersecurity posture effectively.



Get an actionable roadmap based on your auto-generated risk assessment report. Prioritize changes that increase your organization’s or your client’s information security the most, with the least effort. Building a functioning, successful security strategy lies in planning and preparation. Fully integrated to simplify your process, when the Roadmap tasks are completed, the Assessment updates accordingly.



Start implementing powerful, prioritized mitigation and risk management policies with ease. Our intuitive Kanban roadmap lets you easily see how completing your to-do’s impacts your overall risk score over time.



Repeat this process ongoing to implement an effective and continuous risk management program for schools.

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Standardize and repeat the way you support school districts with cyber services.

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