Data privacy and cybersecurity for your students

SecurityStudio’s risk management software puts your school’s risk into context, and delivers actionable next steps you can take to reduce your risk exposure and ensure student data privacy with your school organization.

Cybersecurity risk management platform view for schools

Cybersecurity risk goes far beyond the computer lab

Students and staff are dependent on technology for learning. SecurityStudio’s intuitive platform helps school IT professionals and educational decision-makers navigate a clear cybersecurity roadmap for holistic risk management.

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We speak your language
There are unique challenges when it comes to student data privacy and cybersecurity for K-12 education. That’s why SecurityStudio’s S2School solution puts K – 12 facility risk into context with targeted assessment questions and common educational vocabulary.
Make the most of your time and security dollars
SecurityStudio’s software makes the most of limited resource pools, helping schools and districts use their time and security dollars to promote student data privacy, safety, and stability of educational operations.
Measure your compliance progress
Our S2Score methodology clearly communicates your current risk level. Use your custom roadmap to measure, track, and manage your school’s cybersecurity compliance.
Defend your students, staff, and school
The SecurityStudio dashboard gives you the most important, most actionable information from the get-go so you can manage risk and ensure the safety of your school and your students in the case of a cyber threat or attack.

The S2Org Assessment Approach



When you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers. Our straightforward yet comprehensive assessment is designed for K-12 schools to help identify potential cybersecurity issues at every stage, making it easier for you to understand and improve your cybersecurity practices and effectively evaluate your overall cybersecurity risk posture.



Receive a practical roadmap generated automatically from your assessment report. Focus on implementing changes that boost information security for your school or district. Effective security strategy hinges on meticulous planning and readiness. Our integrated approach streamlines your process. As you complete Roadmap tasks, the Assessment updates accordingly, ensuring seamless progress tracking.



Begin implementing effective, prioritized mitigation and risk management protocols effortlessly in your school or district. Utilize our user-friendly Kanban roadmap to visualize the impact of completing tasks on your overall risk score as time progresses.



Continuously evaluate, adjust, and strengthen your risk management strategies to ensure a strong information security program. Use our comprehensive assessment tools to identify risk, update your roadmap accordingly, and implement targeted remediation efforts. By repeating this cycle, you ensure ongoing resilience and readiness against cybersecurity risks.


Trusted by industry leaders

Our entire school administration had the opportunity to go through the S2Me tool and discuss as a group their personal S2Me scores. That exercise alone added significantly to our leadership’s overall support for and awareness of information security. Since then, the SecurityStudio toolkit has become central to our district-wide information security risk management work.
Mike Dronen
Executive Director of Technology

One platform to help protect all of your private student data

From education to extracurriculars, schools are spaces that require operational continuity and digital safety.SecurityStudio’s solutions help schools prioritize cyber risk management and protect institutional and personal data.



The organizational information security risk assessment tool used by thousands of organizations, both public and private.

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The information security risk management tool developed to simplify, automate, and standardize third-party vendor risk management processes.

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The organizational aggregate of your teams' information security knowledge gaps that helps inform employee training going forward.

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Change tomorrow's outcome by protecting your student privacy data today

Let SecurityStudio help with the tough work of cybersecurity risk management, so you can focus on what truly matters: serving your students.