SecurityStudio's Risk Assessment Solutions

A good information security program always begins with a risk assessment. SecurityStudio's comprehensive suite of tools helps you manage your entire information security program.

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Risk Assessment Solutions Dashboard

Customized cybersecurity risk management —tailored for your business.

SecurityStudio is a dynamic risk assessment solution that tailors cybersecurity risk management to your specific requirements, comprehension, and operational vulnerabilities.
Since its inception in 2018, the SecurityStudio software has empowered information security professionals, MSPs, enterprises, governmental entities, and more to stay current with their information security priorities. It provides a clear and actionable insight into prioritizing cybersecurity, all while optimizing time and resources.

Simple tools, powerful results:

Quantify your
cyber risk

Identify and understand your vulnerabilities

Communicate cyber risk to non-technical stakeholders


SecurityStudio Platform Suite

Our platform of products empowers visibility into your holistic information security posture, assessing for more than just technical controls. While compliance might start you on your information security journey, it should not end there. Our platform empowers a roadmap to holistic information security that accounts for the riskiest element of any organization- human behavior.


The organizational information security risk assessment tool used by thousands of organizations, both public and private.

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The information security risk management tool developed to simplify, automate, and standardize third-party vendor risk management processes.

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The organizational aggregate of your employees' information security knowledge gaps that helps inform employee training going forward.

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A comprehensive dashboard for your MSP to manage your clients' modules and users.

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A PCI tool that identifies the correct forms for an organization's PCI compliance needs and streamlines the documentation process.

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Intuitive assessment engine

A risk assessment solution with three levels of maturity to meet you where you are
Actionable and prioritized visibility into your most pressing risks
Identify risk within your organization, vendors, and your team
Aligned to industry standard frameworks such as NIST, ISO, CMMC, HIPAA, PCI, CSA, FFIEC, FTC, CJIS, IRS p 1075, and more
Risk assessment dashboard showing report download
Continuous tracking of employee cyber awareness

Simple and Continuous Risk Assessment Solution

A quantitative security posture metric (S2Score) that’s trackable over time
Leadership-friendly for enhanced communications
Objective and scientific in measuring the performance of your information security program

Interactive remediation roadmap

Redefine the assessment experience with a dynamic roadmap of actionable next steps
Track and manage your security posture, all from one platform
Generate a defensible plan to help move toward compliance
risk assessment roadmap solution
risk assessment reporting library

Comprehensive reporting library

Autogenerated reports for streamlined communication with stakeholders
Reports for every audience, from C-suite to technical

Loved by industry leaders

SecurityStudio is the best tool on the market for an information security risk assessment. It’s easy to use, very intuitive, helps us create the security roadmap we rely on, and communicates our risks effectively to all internal personnel. The platform is also very helpful for evaluating vendors and their risks. Customer service is fantastic, always available, and ready to help.
Serge Suponitskiy
CIO at Brosnan Risk Consultants
By using the Security Studio platform as our foundation, we have successfully built our Cybersecurity offering around the platform's features and created a unique framework that guides us internally. We can now easily engage with our target industry thanks to a framework that works and a very supportive community.
Letsen Jackson
CEO at Noftek
Prior to utilizing S2Org, we leveraged many spreadsheets and Word templates to perform our Risk Assessments. This method required many hours of manual work, from data collection to final reporting and tracking responsibilities for remediation or roadmaps was also a management nightmare. After using S2Org for multiple assessments at this point, it really has streamlined the entire process and provides all of the insights right within the platform.
Brian Powell
CTO at PCA Technology Group
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