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We're fixing a broken industry – together.

Complexity undermines security, and our rapid tech adoption has outpaced responsible use. SecurityStudio Academy offers unconventional training, prioritizing practical skills over theoretical expertise. We aim to create professionals who excel beyond ego, with a focus on action. Upholding high standards and accountability is central to our mission.


The Certified Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO®) Program

SecurityStudio built the Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CvCISO®) Program to establish the industry standard for vCISO quality and qualifications. If you aspire to become a vCISO, be a better vCISO, and/or want to start or grow a legitimate vCISO practice, this is the path for you.

vCISO training model


All CvCISO®  training starts with the official SecurityStudio Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer Course (CvCISO-1). Additional courses will be required for CvCISOs®  who wish to serve more complex organizations or in slightly different capacities.

hands on experience


There are experiential requirements for CvCISOs. Each CvCISO®  level requires a different amount and type of experience as noted under each level.

vciso training community


The value of community cannot be undersold. The CvCISO community is exclusive to CvCISOs and offers the opportunity for mentorship, validation, friendship, and career advancement.


Find the course that's right for you

If you plan to earn a CvCISO certification, all certification levels start with the CvCISO-1 course prerequisite. However, if you’re not interested in certification, you can enroll in any of our advanced courses that meet your training needs without the CvCISO-1 course prerequisite.

Certified virtual Chief Information Security Officer Course
Information Security in Complex Environments Course
Information Security Communications Course
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vciso certification levels

Certification levels that meet your level
of experience

Progressing through the CvCISO levels is dependent upon training, experience, and collaboration with others in the CvCISO community. Training, experience, and community are each essential in certifying and maintaining the best vCISOs in the industry.

CvCISO Level 1
CvCISO Level 2
CvCISO Level 3
CvCISO Expert
CvCISO Mentor
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Higher Education  Building

Teach™ Program

Tangible Experience Apprenticeship for Cybersecurity in HigherEd

SecurityStudio’s CvCISO Academy, working with post-secondary schools, has developed the TEACH™ program to bridge the talent shortage of information security professionals. The emphasis for TEACH™ Program is focused on education and practical experience.

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Taught by industry experts

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Glen Legus
CvCISO 1 Instructor
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Evan Francen
Founder & CEO
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Meg Perron
Academy and Education Director

Loved by industry leaders

I would highly recommend this course to all levels of expertise. No one makes you feel dumb, of lesser value, or ever makes you feel like you don't belong. Led by a fantastic group of instructors, the academy is not only aimed at teaching you how to be a valuable vCISO but also how to collaborate with others. The community is world-class, driven by a mission deeper than making money off of companies. Bravo and take a bow SecurityStudio. You are changing the industry, one cohort at a time.
Joseph Scimeca
Enrolling in the CvCISO course was one of the best decisions I've made for my cybersecurity career. Not only did it cover the fundamental concepts with depth and clarity, but it surpassed my expectations by seamlessly integrating real-world examples that brought the theories to life. Simply put, the course aggregated years of experienced cybersecurity "hard knocks" into a cohesive platform to apply concepts, learn, and grow. What truly set this course apart was its emphasis on community. Unlike other courses where you're left to navigate the material solo, here, I found myself immersed in a vibrant network of cybersecurity professionals who were just as passionate and driven as I am.
James Keltgen
The CvCISO program from Security Studio has been beyond valuable! The coursework had a rigor I didn't expect and at times I felt like I was drinking from a firehose. Aside from the course material being extremely relevant and engaging, the community we have on Discord has been a priceless wealth of knowledge, information, and advice. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to either break into cybersecurity or elevate their current practice. With the increased need for good InfoSec professionals, this course will open the door. All you need to do is take the first step.
Chris Rule
This is potentially the best technology class I have taken in my 25+ year career.  The information presented is immediately actionable and has helped me organize and dial in my process.
Brian Kenny
Attending the CvCISO course has enabled me to improve my understanding of how to communicate infosec risk at the business level. It helped me shape my risk assessments into consistent, repeatable systems.
Branden Wagner
I wanted to thank SecurityStudio for the outstanding CvCISO training and certification that your team has provided, your heart and love for others shows through on every call. I have learned a ton from the Security Studio CvCISO training/certification. As a Virtual CISO, I have put the fundamentals and lessons learned into real-world conversations with our clients and am adding additional value to our relationships. I also have been told by my peers that my knowledge and ability to add value has increased exponentially.
Philip Geier
I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the CvCISO course and I'm looking forward to putting the valuable and practical knowledge I gained to use. Information security is so much about people and I feel that I gained so many great relationships with the people in my cohort that will help me continue my journey in information security.
Wade Hoffman
CISA registered training program provider

We're a CISA Registered Training Partner

The CvCISO Program is a registered training program provider with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS).

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