Evan Francen

Founder & CEO

Evan Francen is the CEO of SecurityStudio and Co-Founder and CEO of FRSecure, an expert-level security consulting company.

With over 30 years of practical, hands-on experience in information security, Evan is a well-known thought leader and sought-after specialist in the industry. Everyone who knows Evan knows that his sense of humor is grounded in honesty, which means no one and nothing is ever left hanging in his work.

From founding SecurityStudio in 2017 to co-creating the software’s key capabilities—including the S2Score—to educating professionals in the community and advising in high-profile cybersecurity breaches, Evan is continuously working on his mission of shifting the information security industry towards its core purpose: serving people well, so they’ll be secured well.

Outside of his endless work in the information security field as a CEO of two companies, Evan is likely spending time with friends and family, scuba diving, learning guitar, hacking things, and whatever else the squirrels lead him towards.