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The S2 platform is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, helping organizations across various sectors enhance their security posture and mitigate cyber risks effectively.

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Cyber risk score methodology

SecurityStudio’s S2Score is a solution for measuring cyber risk. It solves the problems of complexity and measurement and simplifies the way risk is communicated so businesses can make informed risk decisions.

The S2Score methodology was founded on two absolute truths:

Complexity is the worst enemy of information security.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.


Measuring cyber risk

The S2Score is a cyber risk score ranging from 300 – 850, like a credit score. The score range resonates well with everyone, allowing for accessibility in understanding across multiple levels of an organization, not just the tech team.

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Automated reporting is also a huge benefit with S2Org and allows you to export the reports you need, for various compliance requirements or for the audience you will be presenting the findings to. S2Org also utilizes S2Score, which is a scoring/ranking system based on question answers and input data (vulnerability scans). Because it is very similar to credit scores it makes discussing the values much easier because business-oriented individuals can relate to the values as to where their Security and Risk posture stands. The move for us to S2Org has made our Risk Assessments more standardized and Organized versus the manual methods we were using prior, and I look forward to expanding our usage to the other S2 modules for more in-depth Risk Assessments.

Brian Powell
Chief Technology Officer at PCA Technology Group

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