Teach™ Program

Tangible Experience Apprenticeship for Cybersecurity in HigherEd

SecurityStudio, working with post-secondary schools, has developed the TEACH™ program to bridge the talent shortage of information security professionals. The emphasis for TEACH™ Program is focused on education and practical experience.

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Why Teach?

Growing skills shortage of qualified information security professionals

Education alone is not enough for entry level jobs

Mission over money, protecting people and their information

Nothing can replace hands-on experience

Help secure underserved markets (small to medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.)

Have more time to focus on what matters most; growing your organization


Benefits of Teach

Higher Education Building
Create a new revenue source for the school and their own security program.
The institution determines the price they will charge, and all profits are used at the post-secondary institution’s discretion.​
Creates a differentiator for the school.
Students are better prepared for real world situations​
Helps secure underserved markets ​(small to medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.)
Students get practical hands-on experience in a neglected (and critical) area of information security risk management.
Students gain confidence to help them land better information security positions.​
Basic information security communication skills (speaking the same language).​
Practical information security fundamentals.​
Consulting best practices.​
Experience leading, delivering and/or supporting assessments.
Security Assessments are often too expensive for small business, nonprofit, K-12, etc.
TEACH can dramatically reduce assessment costs.​
Hiring companies get better quality “entry-level” students who can perform out of the gate.​
The information security industry gets more effective contributors who speak the same language.

The Teach Program



Instructional personnel from the post-secondary institution and SecurityStudio personnel start the program with fundamental information security risk assessment training for students who participate in the program.



The post-secondary institution and SecurityStudio work to identify organizations within the community that are good candidates for fundamental information security risk assessments. The focus for community outreach should be small to mid-sized businesses, non-profits, and other underserved organization.



The information security risk assessment is led by post-secondary institution instructional personnel and one (or more) students. Information security risk assessments are conducted using SecurityStudio’s (S2) Platform. The S2 Platform is cloud based, creating a consistent, organized, and collaborative learning environment for the students and value to the customers.



Post-secondary institution instructional personnel, students, and SecurityStudio (if/as needed) deliver assessment results to the customer.


Support & Feedback

Support for the information security risk assessment includes tasks such as assessment finalization, addressing questions and answers, and determining next steps.

The TEACH™ program is open to all post-secondary institutions.
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