7 Reasons to use SecurityStudio

7 reasons to use SecurityStudio and measure and manage information security risk with our simple, fundamental, and compliant cybersecurity assessment

Measuring and managing information security risk is no longer optional in today’s world. SecurityStudio has developed simple, fundamental, and compliant cybersecurity assessments for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Value proposition – Brief

The cybersecurity market is noisy, chaotic, and full of solutions claiming to solve every problem under the sun. Buying decisions are being made without a clear, plain English understanding of how these products and services will measurably improve your security posture. It doesn’t need to be this way.
SecurityStudio simplifies information security risk management by focusing on the fundamentals and translating risk into a language that all people understand. There is no other platform that simplifies cybersecurity like we do, certainly not without taking shortcuts or compromising credibility.

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, we will use the terms “cybersecurity” and “information security” interchangeably in this document.

Introduction to SecurityStudio

securitystudio introduction

SecurityStudio has built a platform of simplified, best-in-class cybersecurity assessment tools that enable business to focus more time and money growing their business and less wasted time and money on aimless cybersecurity ventures.

SecurityStudio provides the following tools to customers of all sizes, in all vertical markets:

  • S2Org  – Answer yes/no questions about your organization, receive measurement of all risks, a variety of report formats and a prioritized action plan.
  • S2Vendor – Automate the process of documenting and managing the security of your service providers and vendors.
  • S2Team – Leverage the free S2Me assessment, measure the security risk of your team and focus training efforts where they will do the most good for you and your team.

These tools were designed, employed and tirelessly honed by security experts in the real world and are now available for all to use.

Reason #1 – It’s Free

The core functionality of the SecurityStudio platform is completely free. SecurityStudio believes you should spend your money where it has the most benefit to your business. Given today’s information security “money grab”, a free and effective cybersecurity risk assessment tool is refreshing and empowering for business leaders.

With our platform, you can do all the following at zero cost:

  • Perform the S2Org assessment
  • Produce an S2Vendor for your organization
  • Streamline vendor risk management due diligence
  • Perform S2Me assessments
  • Identify cybersecurity risks and receive unbiased recommendations
  • Produce, download, and print easy-to-understand and attractive reports

SecurityStudio believes that good cybersecurity risk assessment tools should be free, leaving more of your hard-earned dollars for value-added services and other risk management efforts.

Reason #2 – It’s Simple

Complexity is the enemy of good cybersecurity. The key to your cybersecurity success is simplification. Don’t confuse simple with easy or with taking shortcuts, it’s quite the opposite. Effective cybersecurity requires work, but it requires focused and measurable work. Simplification means that we’ve taken complex cybersecurity concepts and broken them down into fundamental and simple building blocks. Most risk is found in fundamental weaknesses, making our assessments the perfect foundation for your cybersecurity efforts.

The strength in SecurityStudio’s assessment tools is found in their simplicity.

There is no such thing as a cybersecurity “easy button”, but SecurityStudio specializes in creating cybersecurity simple buttons.

Reason #3 – It’s Credible

SecurityStudio tools are built from a combined 300+ years of information security experience and our assessments have been used by organizations of all shapes and sizes. Adding to our credibility is our referenceability between common security standards like those found in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

The S2Org has been conducted more than 2,000 times and has stood up to regulatory scrutiny from the OCR, OCC, FDIC, FINRA and many others.

Specific regulatory risk assessment reports are automatically generated by our assessment tools where applicable. NIST CSF and HIPAA-specific reports are available through a simple click of a button.

The credibility of our assessments only gets better through feedback we receive from our community of partners and users like you.

Reason #4 – Unparalleled Insight

Breaking security down into its fundamental components makes everything objective and clear, especially for business leaders. All criteria used for assessing and managing risk are objective, meaning they are black or white. Cybersecurity fundamentals are common across all businesses, which makes the SecurityStudio platform a perfect solution for establishing a solid cybersecurity foundation for your business.

Additional insight comes from the way SecurityStudio is architected, and from our innovative approach to common problems. The architecture features insightful dashboards with full drill-down capabilities, and our newest innovation is S2Team/S2Me. The S2Team/S2Me tool combination provides CISOs and business leaders with unparalleled insight into true employee behaviors by assessing them at home.

Contact a SecurityStudio for more information about S2Team/S2Me, we’d love to tell you more about them!

Reason #5 – Simple Vendor Risk Management

Arguably, most breaches occur through vendor relationships. Organizations don’t have a choice but to assess vendor risk, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be disruptive to your business. Based upon SecurityStudio’s research, very few organizations get vendor risk management correct; they either over-complicate the entire process, take shortcuts, or attempt to manage workflows manually.

SecurityStudio makes vendor risk management as simple and efficient as possible, without taking shortcuts.

Here’s how easy it gets.

  • If a vendor already has an S2Score in SecurityStudio, they start by sharing their score. That’s it.
  • If a vendor doesn’t have an S2Score in SecurityStudio, they’ll automatically get one when they’re assessed by anyone who uses the platform.

There are only four simple steps to vendor risk management with S2Vendor inventory, classify, assess, and manage.

Reason #6 – Vetted Partners

SecurityStudio has built a network of cybersecurity experts who are specifically trained to use our platform to serve their customers.

Some people want help, others don’t. SecurityStudio users are empowered to accept help from a qualified and vetted cybersecurity expert, but only if they want it or need it. Our network of cybersecurity experts is vetted and are held to the highest standards. SecurityStudio partners are qualified to:

  • Assist in using all SecurityStudio tools.
  • Conduct assessments.
  • Consult on road mapping and remediation planning.
  • Provide product recommendations.

SecurityStudio users can choose a preferred partner with a simple button click within the platform. Get cybersecurity help you can trust with SecurityStudio.

Reason #7 – It’s Convenient

SecurityStudio is an online platform, allowing you to easily collaborate with other people, regardless of location. The convenience of the platform is given to you without compromising security. You are always in control.

Bonus – Did We Mention It’s Free?

Yes! SecurityStudio is free, and there’s no catch. There’s no excuse for cybersecurity ignorance. Give it a try. Do it now.

Visit SecurityStudio online at and click “Sign up for free” on the home page.

securitystudio signup

Or visit directly to create your account.

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