SecurityStudio Releases Industry’s First Free K12 Incident Response Plan Template

Template designed to help school districts prepare to respond to security- or IT-related incidents

If we find a breach that affects your employees, we will send an email notice to the administrator(s) of your S2Team account. This will include the name of the breached site as well as the email addresses and data that were compromised.

Minneapolis, MN –May 24, 2022 – SecurityStudio, the provider of simplified solutions to secure organizations, has brought to market the industry’s first K12 Incident Response Plan Template, completely free of charge. Schools are one of the industries most in need of advanced cybersecurity protections, but are often without budget or resources to help protect data. SecurityStudio caters to underserved communities – such as schools and educational institutions – as part of its “mission before money” mantra.

Many schools and districts don’t have a formal cybersecurity plan in place. While they are well-prepared for classroom disruptions, severe weather or fire drills, remote learning, or bullying events, many do not have plans laid out for how to manage and respond to cybersecurity incidents, which are growing at a rapid pace. According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, cyber actors targeted K12 educational institutions throughout distance learning in an effort to cause disruption and steal data. As schools have come back to in-person instruction, the lack of existing cybersecurity readiness plans mean that educational institutions are at risk of everything from malware to ransomware attacks.

The K12 Incident Response Plan Template was created to help school administrators prepare to respond to cybersecurity incidents. The SecurityStudio K12 Cybersecurity Incident response Plan Template is a document that can be customized to each school district and provides a straight forward path for what to do in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

“Many school districts do not know how at risk they are, and many may have already experienced an active cybersecurity incident without their knowledge. This won’t do. Schools are full of privileged information – whether that is health data or personal identifiable information that can be stolen for identity theft purposes. It must be protected, which is why schools need plans both for how to prevent a breach or incident and what to do when one happens,” said Ryan Cloutier, president of SecurityStudio. “For cybersecurity programs to be successful, we have to simplify it. The K12 Cybersecurity Incident Response Template does just that – makes it simple for school and district administrators to know what steps to take if an incident happens.”

The SecurityStudio K12 Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Template can be downloaded at no cost at


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