SecurityStudio's President Ryan Cloutier Interviewed on SMB Community Podcast

SecurityStudio's Ryan Cloutier recently appeared on the SMB Community Podcast hosted by MSP channel veteran Karl Palachuk, which featured discussions with other industry experts who were also in attendance at the ASCII Edge event. This podcast episode provides valuable insights and information on various aspects of cybersecurity and risk management for small and medium-sized businesses.

During the podcast, Ryan Cloutier discussed with Karl the importance of effective risk management in the context of third-party vendors, highlighting the need for a streamlined and standardized approach to managing vendor risk. He also emphasized the value of SecurityStudio's S2SCORE risk assessment, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's security posture and enables informed decision-making for risk mitigation.

The podcast also covered topics such as the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks and the importance of cybersecurity insurance, as well as best practices for developing a comprehensive security program and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. The expert panel which included industry leaders such as Sebastian Uchima of Humanize IT, Frank Raimondi of Nodeware - IGI Cyberlabs, and Trevor Digirolamo of The ASCII Group provided valuable insights on the latest trends and challenges in the cybersecurity landscape, as well as practical tips and strategies for businesses to improve their security posture and protect themselves against threats.

The SMB Community Podcast featuring Ryan Cloutier and other industry experts provides a wealth of information and insights for small and medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their cybersecurity and risk management practices. With the increasing complexity and severity of cyber threats, it's essential for businesses of all sizes to prioritize security and develop effective risk management strategies, and this podcast provides valuable insight into how to do so.

Learn more about the podcast here: https://smbcommunitypodcast.com/2023/03/karl-goes-to-ascii-edge-featuring-sebastian-uchima-ryan-cloutier-frank-raimondi-trevor-digerolamo/

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