Does your MSP qualify as an MCSP- Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider?

An MCSP plays a vital function by blending managed services with specialized cybersecurity knowledge. By providing extensive cybersecurity solutions and vCISO guidance, you can enable businesses of various scales to bolster their security stance and defend against emerging cyber dangers, all without the need to run a SOC. Virtually any existing MSP can acquire the expertise and services needed to transition their operations into an MCSP. Is your MSP beginning to offer cybersecurity services? Fill out the form below to see if you’d qualify as an MCSP.

MCSP Certification Request

Select the cybersecurity services below you currently offer as managed service provider solutions:

Risk Assessments (Using vendors such as: Security Studio)
Endpoint Protection Solution (Using vendors such as: Ostra, Solutions Granted, SOCSater)
SOC/SIEM Solution (Using vendors such as: Ostra, Solutions Granted, SOCSoter)
Penetration Testing Services (Using vendors such as: FRSecure, Galactic Advisors)
Vulnerability Scanning (Using vendors such as: Nodeware, Qualys, CyberGuard360)

Supporting vendor or product:

For each cybersecurity service that you are offering, indicate the vendor or product you're using to provide this service to your clients.