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K12 Incident Response Management Plan Template

K12 Incident Response Management Plan Template


The purpose of the [District] Incident Response Management Plan has been developed to provide direction and focus to the handling of information security incidents that adversely affect [District] Information Resources. The purpose of the Incident Response Management Plan is to allow [District] to respond quickly and appropriately to information security incidents.


The [District] Incident Response Management Plan applies to any person or entity charged by the [District] Incident Response Commander with a response to information security-related incidents at the organization, and specifically those incidents that affect [District] Information Resources.


(District/Organization) Information Security activities, recommendations, and decisions must be documented and available to appropriate personnel.

Event Definition

  • Any observable occurrence in a system, network, environment, process, workflow, or personnel.  Events may or may not be negative in nature.

Adverse Events Definition

  • Events with a negative consequence.  This plan only applies to adverse events that are computer security-related, not those caused by natural disasters, power failures, etc.

Incident Definition

A violation or imminent threat of violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices that jeopardizes the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information resources or operations. A security incident may have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Violation of an explicit or implied [District] security policy
  2. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to a [District] Information Resource
  3. Denial of service to a [District] Information Resource
  4. Unauthorized use of [District] Information Resources
  5. Unauthorized modification of [District] information
  6. Loss of [District] Confidential or Protected information



Version History

Version: 1.0.0

Modified Date: February 2021

Approved Date:

Approved By: SecurityStudio

Reason/Comments: Document Drafted      

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