TX DIR Contracts

Contract Information

SecurityStudios is an approved Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) vendor for IT products and services including information security risk software products (S2Org, S2School, S2Vendor, S2Team).

DIR’s Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for state and local government, public education, and other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Customers can purchase services from SecuritySolutions directly through the following contract: DIR-CPO-4729.

The State of Texas currently offers more than 650 cooperative purchasing contracts for technology products and services including hardware, software, maintenance, and other services with a high customer demand, such as managed services and technology training.

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For general questions about DIR contracts, please contact finance@stg-securitystudio-staging.kinsta.cloud 952-467-6381. Please include the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4729 on all Purchase Orders or Quote requests.

Warranty & Returns

Our software solutions are sold “as is” without warranties. All sales are final and non-refundable.


Software Products: SecurityStudio – Software as a Service (SaaS)

CategoryBrand - Part NumberDescriptionUnit of MeasureMSRPDIR Customer Discount % Off MSRP
Information/Cyber SecurityS2OrgSoftware Licenses for S2Org, 2 User Licensep/month$1,0005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2SchoolSoftware Licenses for S2School, 2 User Licensep/month$1,0005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2VendorSoftware Licenses for S2Vendor, 2 User Licensep/month$1,0005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2TeamSoftware Licenses for S2Team, 2 User Licensep/month $4005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2PartnerSoftware licenses for S2Partner p/Org/month$5005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2Partner - ActiveClientSoftware licenses for Active Client Add-On to S2Partnerp/Client/month$2505.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityS2Partner - EndUserSoftware licenses for Active Client End Usersp/user/month$2505.00%

Software Services: SecurityStudio

CategoryDescriptionPart NumberUnit of MeasureMSRPDIR Customer Discount % Off MSRP
Information/Cyber Security On-boarding and training for S2Vendor (service) Required for S2VendorS2Vendor-Impl One-Time$1,5005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityOn-boarding and training for S2Org (service) Required for S2OrgS2Org-Impl One-Time$5005.00%
Information/Cyber SecurityOn-boarding and training for S2Partner (service) Required for S2PartnerS2Partner-Impl One-Time$1,5005.00%

Volume Discount: SecurityStudio

Type of VolumeProduct Category Original DiscountAdditional DiscountTotal Discount
By Quantity
10+ total user licensesSaaS User Licenses5.00%(+) 5.00%10%
20+ total user licensesSaaS User Licenses5.00%(+) 10.00%15%

Aggregate Discount: SecurityStudio

Contract Sales ThresholdProduct or Category DescriptionPart NumberOriginal DiscountAdditional DiscountTotal Discount
$100,000 MRRSaaS user licenses – MRR valueAll Product sales aggregate5.00%(+) 5.00%10.00%