Information Security isn't About Information or Security


SecurityStudio's CEO, Evan Francen delivered this talk on 5/6/20 at the Secure360 Twin Cities conference. There were more than 250 people in attendance to listen to Evan discuss the human element of information security, and the talk was very well received! We need to embrace the fact that people are creatures of habit. If we can help them form better, more secure habits, we'll all benefit. They will benefit personally, their loved ones will benefit, and the organization's they work for will also benefit. It's a win/win/win! The trick is to change the way we train people, using newer approaches like S2Me/S2Team. The S2Me is SecurityStudio's personal information security risk assessment and management tool. S2Me is used to assess security, privacy, and safety issues at home, and coaches people into adopting better habits through simplification and context. Personal S2Scores become an ideal measurement of protection success (or sadly, failure). People are more likely to form new or better habits when they understand how they're affected personally.


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